Services offered by our Sister Charity

Online Impacts - Consulting - Nonprofit /Charity Onboarding

The more completely you fill out this consulting request the higher priority your request will be given and as a result our team will respond faster.

We are a nonprofit with limited resources however if you have not received any response within seven days please contact our founder Clarke Moyer on his personal cell phone at 520-222-8104 to check the status of your request.

  • WordPress Web Hosting, Domain Name, Location Management, Social Media Management, and Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Services. This request unlocks all our free products and services including Managed Shared Hosting is a partner charity for Free For Charity (and our project) that also provides no cost services to nonprofits and charities.
We have partnered with them on several website re-designs and they maintain shared hosting that we support with our technology stack.
Customers with this product are supported primarily by with backup and tech support by free for charity and