$0.00 USD

Nonprofit / Charity Onboarding
This request unlocks all our free products and services including
WordPress Web Hosting, Domain Name, Location Management, Social Media Management, and Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Services.

The more completely you fill out this consulting request the higher priority your request will be given and as a result our team will respond faster.

We are a nonprofit with limited resources however if you have not received any response within seven days please contact our founder Clarke Moyer on his personal cell phone at 520-222-8104 to check the status of your request.
$150.00 USD

Technology Consultation (Single hour)
$150/hour of personalized consulting including
Purchase and Procurement Support
We help you buy the right products at the right price for your company. Let us help you negotiate with the tech companies and get you the best deals.
Services and Contract Review
We help you with what you already have. Whether by helping you utilize your current IT systems to their fullest potential, or getting you out of a bad service contract that is not supporting you business needs.
Buy or Build Decision Support
Don’t buy custom! We help you determine if you need to pay extra for a provider to build you a customized solution, or whether you can use a current market solution at a fraction of the cost
$150.00 USD
Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management
Customers view your online ratings and rankings both actively and passively anytime they search for a product or service. Bad reviews and glitches in your systems send the wrong message about your business. Let us help you keep track of your online reputation. We provide you with review alerts, review generation, and brand analytics so you always stay ahead.
Review Alerts
Make sure all the right people in your company know when a positive or negative review comes in. This allows you to quickly resolve the issues if negative and learn from the positive feedback to grow your happy customer base.
Review Generation
Don’t just sit back and hope for reviews. We can engage your current and former customers by your website, email, text, and social media to review your products and services.
Brand Analytics
Its not enough to have a good reputation you also have to keep it while keeping pace with your competition. Let us empower your company with the data on how you rank compared to your peers and ensure your always setting the pace.
$100.00 USD
Location Management
Monthly management of your organization's online presence, including
Local Listings
Help your customers find your business by managing your pins on services like Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yelp, and over 35 other business directory sites. Free For Charity will help you setup and manage listing software which will take the hassle out of keeping all of your information up to date across a wide range of platforms to ensure maximum business exposure.
Local Marketing Research
Let us research and price the costs of every type of local marketing available to your company so that you can choose the service that make sense for your business. This includes Digital and non-digital marketing.
Campaign and Promotion Management
Let us be your independent advocate for all of your marketing campaigns, including Google ads, Facebook ads, and any other local marketing services
Appointment Booking and Contact Management Support
Let us help you set up your systems to put you in front of customers without the administrative hurdles and technology challenges